The interviews were carried out in the week from 21st to 25th August 2023. Two of the interviews were done online and three face-to-face. All the participants used the online form of questionnaires to collect their feedback.  

Two of the participants are owners of an educational organization, one of the participants has a company that works in the area of personal assistance for people with disabilities, one of the participants’ company is a cosmetics salon, while one of the participants owns a company in the area of professional photography.    

The key findings after the validations were the following: 

  • All the participates found the modules of the curriculum to be quite or highly relevant to the needs of 45+ adults, which is a good indicator that partnership consortium has formed a suitable Joint Curriculum; 
  • Overall the opinions about the suitability, relevance, usability and development of the modules were very positive; 
  • It was very positive that none of the candidates answered that there is no possibility that their companies would to invest resources and support the implementation of this curriculum inside their organizations; 
  • The least desired type of materials for our candidates were animated videos and Self-assessment quizzes or assessments, while all other types of materials were very interested for them;
  • it is very interesting that none of the candidates would prefer self-directed learning as a teaching method;
  • All participants concluded that they do not think there are any specific components or elements missing from the curriculum structure. 
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