PRIORITY 45 project (2022-1-PT01-KA220-ADU-000087183) main aim is the re/upskilling of 45+ adults to achieve a complete and resilient workforce that, through innovation, creativity and cooperation, can survive in today’s globalised and volatile world. 

In its initial phase of research, the partners of the project have carried out an analysis of the current and national state of the labour situation, in addition to a search of the main needs and competences of the +45 adults in the labour sector. 

In order to understand if this search coincides with the real needs of the target group, one of the activities of the project is focused on the realization of a workshop in each of the countries that collaborate in the project. In the online workshop by CEIPES (Italy), 7 people participated, among which were people belonging to organizations with experience in adult training, in addition to people +45 unemployed and currently working adults. 

During this meeting the project was presented to the participants, and the moderator gave the floor to the protagonists. A very interesting discussion was held about the difficulties that can be encountered at work, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a brainstorming and analysis of the current competencies +45 adults, as well as those they thought can be improved. The most important competences for the participants were group management, teamwork, critical thinking, empathy, time management, planning, problem solving, among others. 

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