Partners of European project PRIORITY45 has prepared a joint curriculum for reskilling 45+ adults according to the needs of this collective in a globalised and volatile world to ensure that they have an equal opportunity in finding and keeping a job.

After that, on August 30th, it was done a validation workshop with 4 people older than 45 years and an organisation who are focused on improving training environments in different sectors.

The result was very satisfactory as the attendees believe that the course will be very relevant to meet the educational needs of people over 45 and that it is perfectly adapted to the current changes in the labour market, it also brings new skills and abilities that could be indispensable in the workplace.

The group concluded that it is very positive that there are courses designed for people over 45 years of age because this group is generally forgotten.

This bring the green light for developing this important course on the next months, which will be totally free accessible for everyone.

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